"Sharing her own personal struggles, CNN's Elizabeth Cohen gives keen insights on how you and your family can get excellent medical care from your doctor."

-- Deepak Chopra, author of Reinventing the Body, Resurrecting the Soul

"After generations where we treated healthcare providers and doctors like Gods, never questioning them and feeling complacent, Cohen's book is a wonderful shot in the arm. It's for all of us who want to approach medicine like consumers, to ask questions and to know our rights. The Empowered Patient gives patients the valuable tools to advocate for themselves and their loved ones."

-- Lee Woodruff, author of Perfectly Imperfect and co-author, with Bob Woodruff, In An Instant

"Just as our health care system becomes more complex, and each of us scrambles to find our place in labyrinth, there is help. In The Empowered Patient, Elizabeth Cohen offers guidance to get the most from your doctor, insurance company, and even your medicine. She outlines things you need to know when you are well, so that you have the voice and the power to access the system intelligently as a patient. This book will hold your hand, make you smart, and may even save your life."

-- Nancy L. Snyderman, M.D., NBC News Chief Medical Editor and author of Diet Myths That Keep Us Fat

"My colleague and friend Elizabeth Cohen has written a book no household should be without. With a no nonsense approach to medicine, she will teach you how to do right by your bodies and your health care. One thing we all share in common is the likelihood that one day we will be a patient, and your best bet is to be an Empowered Patient. Let Elizabeth Cohen show you how."

-- Sanjay Gupta, M.D., chief medical correspondent for the Health, Medical & Wellness unit at CNN and author of Cheating Death

"The minute I picked up The Empowered Patient, I knew this was a "must read" book for everyone. Elizabeth Cohen reveals insider knowledge about the uncertainty of medicine—things every doctor knows—and then helps you steer a clear path to health!"

-- Christiane Northrup, M.D., author of the Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom and The Wisdom of Menopause

"Whether you're seeking a second opinion, surfing the Internet for medical information, challenging doctors or nurses when treatments don't make sense, or confronting insurance denials or high pharmaceutical costs, CNN senior medical correspondent Elizabeth Cohen's provocative and saucy handbook is a gift … her advice could be life-saving."

-- Bernadine Healy M.D., Health Editor and Columnist, US News and World Report

"It's not often one can say that reading a book will save your life. But Elizabeth Cohen's The Empowered Patient has the capacity to do just that. It's succinct, to the point, well organized, and packed with essential information for anyone facing hospital admission, meeting with a physician, or simply filling a prescription."

-- Evan Handler, Actor (Sex and the City; Californication), author of Time on Fire and It's Only Temporary, and long term survivor of acute myeloid leukemia

"Elizabeth Cohen will teach you how to be your own, best advocate for your health and your life. Elizabeth knows medicine inside out as both an expert and as someone who almost died due to medical neglect. She has seen the best and the worst that medicine has to offer, and will passionately guides you to empower yourself to get superior care for you or a loved one, and save money at the same time."

-- Clark Howard, author of Get Clark Smart

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Elizabeth CohenElizabeth Cohen is the award-winning, senior medical correspondent for CNN's health, wellness and medical unit. Elizabeth reports daily on breaking medical news and consumer tips on CNN and on and is the author of popular column "The Empowered Patient."

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