The Internet is a great place to start to become an empowered patient. You can start your search for Dr. Right, find medical research, shop for health insurance, and check out hospitals online. Here are some of the useful websites in my book.

How to find Dr. Right

How to Be an Internet MD

I'm a huge fan of Google. I use it all the time. I bet I'm one of their best customers. But Google also turns up a lot of faulty information. Try using these search engines, which screen out the junk.

How to shop for health insurance

Shopping for health insurance can be bewildering. Health care reform will hopefully change that, but in the meantime, here are some useful sites.

With doctors' appointments so short these days, you need to get the most you can out of the short time you have. It's not easy to get all your questions answered, but these sheets should help. Print out the "Get it DUN" worksheet and bring it with you to your appointment.

Download the worksheets