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In THE EMPOWERED PATIENT: How to Get the Right Diagnosis, Buy the Cheapest Drugs, Beat Your Insurance Company, and Get the Best Medical Care Every Time Elizabeth Cohen, CNN senior medical correspondent, has a simple and positive message: we, as patients, have the power to influence our medical care and save our own lives. Not only can we do it, we must do it. In the book, she introduces us to real people who have used their brains, common sense, and the Internet to diagnose their own illnesses, uncover medical mistakes, and insist on life-saving treatments their doctors never told them about.

In this age of managed care, rushed doctor's visits, and healthcare reform, Cohen's book is a rallying cry. Cohen herself has experienced first-hand the difficulties with today's system as a patient, the daughter of a patient, and the mother of a patient. Now she leverages her experience and training to teach readers how to become empowered patients and get the best medical care for themselves and their families every time they set foot in the doctor's office.

Cohen gives specific, actionable advice such as:

  • How to be a "bad" patient: ask a lot of questions and don't worry if the doctor likes you or not.
  • How to avoid a misdiagnosis: the questions that could save your life.
  • How to become an "Internet medical detective:" how to go beyond Google and harness the full power of the Internet.
  • How to save money on prescription drugs: it can be as easy as making one phone call to your doctor.
  • How to make sense of healthcare reform: what you need to know about the best policy for your family and avoid the scams.
About the Author
Elizabeth CohenElizabeth Cohen is the award-winning, senior medical correspondent for CNN's health, wellness and medical unit. Elizabeth reports daily on breaking medical news and consumer tips on CNN and on CNN.com and is the author of popular CNN.com column "The Empowered Patient."

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